A New Combined Path


Welcome to the UberPath
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Welcome to the Active Worlds UberPath,
A New Combined Path.

Path = objects.activeworlds.com/uberpath/

*** Freebies from several sources are now part of Uberpath ***
*** For more information see ***
*** - In Uberpath world at
"100.25n 2.25e 0.1a 315" ***
*** - Also the new Uberpath Freebie Collections Page ***

*Textures NOW on display in UberPath world

WITH the MARS download set
Additional Mars Avatars and Models included


WITH the YELLOW basic set
Additional Yellow Models included

WITH Murasaki Terrains
and matching Paths
and Road Terrains by Karten

Featured Uberpath Freebie Collections include -
- Nomad Terrain Builder and Tunnel Builder sets,
- Pelican (Railroad and other), Count Dracula (Vehicles and other),
- Ananas, Dreamer2, Tunablues, Winnetou, and Starheart
These featured sets are listed below and in world for download.
All other Uberpath Freebie Collections sets are available
only on request at this time. Contact Karten via telegram in Active Worlds.

*See the new Uberpath Freebie Pages for the following*
Count Dracula Vehicles *See the new Uberpath Freebie Page*
Pelican Railways models *See the new Uberpath Freebie Page*
Ananas Models *See the new Uberpath Freebie Page*

** All Download Zips Updated 2/11/2011 unless otherwise noted **

Download files include:
UberPath_Dir_Lists.zip (directory list of all 5 folders) ** Updated 2/3/2011 **
UberPath_Base_Avatars.zip (4.5MB)
UberPath_Base_Models.zip (10.1MB)
UberPath_Base_Seqs.zip (1.9MB)
UberPath_Base_Sounds.zip (10.8MB)
UberPath_Base_Textures.zip (68.6MB)
UberPath_HomePages_Models.zip (7.1MB)
UberPath_HomePages_Sounds.zip (34.6MB)
UberPath_HomePages_Textures.zip (44.5MB)
UberPath_Mars.zip (9.2MB) (includes additions) [4 zips]
UberPath_COFMeta.zip (3.7MB) [4 zips]
UberPath_Yellow.zip (20.2MB) (includes additions) [4 zips]
UberPath_MurasakiTerrain_Textures.zip (4.8MB)
UberPath_KartenTerrain_Textures (4.8MB)
(1.2MB) [2 zips]
UberPath_Nomad1.zip (4.1MB) [2 zips]
UberPath_Pelican.zip (3.7MB) [2 zips] ** Major Update 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_CountDraculaVehicles.zip (26.6MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_CountDraculaOther.zip (24.0MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_Ananas.zip (4.8MB) [2 zips]
UberPath_Dreamer2.zip (20.1MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_Tunablues.zip (0.3MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_Winnetou.zip (9.6MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **
UberPath_Starheart.zip (1.3MB) [2 zips] ** NEW 2/11/2011 **

AS NOTED above, all other Freebie DLs are available only on request at this time

Assembled for the Active Worlds Community by DCF Services

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